Payroll Services

Payroll Services

dhdirectpayments is a specialist payroll provider for Personal Assistant Schemes. We are able to offer you two levels of service. Firstly, our standard payroll service, which allows you to keep control of your funding and administration and secondly, a fully managed service for those who would like us to manage every last detail.
dhdirectpayments work alongside many local authorities, if you would like to know who we are already registered with, please get in touch.

Standard Payroll Service

At dhdirectpayments we ensure that your employees are paid correctly, on time and make sure that you pay the right amount of Tax and National Insurance that the HM Revenue and Customs require you to pay as an employer.
If you use dhdirectpayment’s standard payroll services:

  • We are not involved with your funding. Your direct payment monies will continue to come to you from your funding agent.
  • You control your money. We cannot access your funds – all employees are paid by you.
  • We work to your instructions. You supply us with the facts and figures needed.
  • We can change forms/information to suit your needs. If necessary we can amend time sheets to suit your particular requirements.

Fully Managed Payroll services

The fully managed payroll option provides all the peace of mind of the standard payroll service, but as the name suggests, takes the hassle out of the day-to-day management by controlling your money and your payments for you.

dhdirectpayments will:

  • Register you with the Inland Revenue as a new employer (if you don’t already employ people).
  • Receive your funds from your local authority which will be held in our separate client Account.
  • Calculate all Tax and NI contributions on behalf of you and your staff.
  • Make payments to HM Revenue and Customs as required.
  • Make payments to employees as required.
  • Provide payslips to your employees.

If you’d like to speak to an experienced member of the dhdirectpayments team then please get in touch.

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