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Dhpayroll is proud to be among the top payroll service providers in the industry. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure fast and accurate results for all payroll outsourcing and auto enrollment needs. We have an experienced team of professionals who can offer report writing assistance, e-Payslips and paySAFE solutions as well as timely support and advice among other things. If you’re looking to enhance the efficiency of this side of your operations while controlling your overhead costs, we’re the best payroll providers for you.

We’ll Take An Individualised And Integrated Approach To Meet Your Needs

One of the surest ways to control payroll services costs when outsourcing this portion of your operations is to work with a company that offers a flexible range of service plans for meeting a diverse range of needs. At dhpayroll, our goal is to make these efforts as cost-effective and stress-free as they can possibly be. If your business is just getting started, we can quickly establish your payroll scheme and setup the transfer process. If your business has been operational for quite some time, we’ll make the transfer process as speedy and seamless as you need it to be so that no loss of continuity ever occurs. With no minimum contact period, reasonable rates and online payroll services that are suitable for both growing and well-established businesses, we are guaranteed to have the perfect solution for you.

Last Minute Changes, Problems And Queries

When working with payroll services, UK companies often have a number of questions. If you pay for payroll outsourcing, you deserve a smooth, seamless process that can accommodate the unexpected. We offer BACS processing that allows us to electronically transfer payments to your employees, third-party payment processing, assured data security and full assistance for transferring your payroll data to our system. We also offer secure online data storage. You can provide us with your payroll info via fax, post, web or email. Moreover, our customer support team is available through multiple channels to receive and respond to all your problems, queries and last minute changes. As trusted payroll providers, we also provide up to date and straightforward solutions for online in year filing.

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