Employing Your Own PA


Employing your own personal assistant needn’t be daunting, there is plenty of help available from our payroll specialists, and we will provide you with new starter forms and give you step by step guide to your employer obligations on the payroll.

How Our Payroll Services Work

  • When you take on a new employee send us a completed starter form  with a new starter declaration completed and their P45 from the employee’s previous employment. This can be completed online or send in paper copies.
  • Inform us by post, online, fax, text or E-mail at the end of each pay period (4 or 5 weeks as advised) the hours that your employees have worked.
  • You can sign up for our free text reminder service so you don’t forget!
  • We will prepare payslips for each member of staff, these may then be given to employees together with the payment for the net amount (shown in the bottom right hand side corner – net pay). If we are managing your funds we will make payment by BACS from your client account.
  • dhpayroll can work out any overtime or bonus payments and calculate any Statutory Sick Pay should the need arise. We will also issue P45 forms for staff that leave.
  • We will send you each month a sheet called the ‘Wages Book’. This summarises the amounts paid and the tax and National Insurance deductions.
  • Every 3 months we will send you a ‘monthly summary’, a letter and completed HM Revenue and Customs payslip informing you of the amount owed by way of Tax and National Insurance. You will be required to make the payment as advised in the correspondence. If your funds are managed by us we will make the payment on your behalf.
  • You must keep us informed monthly of your payroll activity, even if you have no employees, so that we can process the HM Revenue and Customs returns. There is a small administration charge if we have to call or write to you for this information.
  • At the end of each financial year we will send the final submission to HMRC and we will send you the forms P60 (certificate of annual earnings) which should be distributed to your employees.
  • We will Invoice you quarterly for our services at the end of: March, June, September and December. dhpayroll charge for services on a sliding scale – the greater the number of employees the lower the charge per payslip.

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