About Direct Payments

About Direct Payments


Direct Payments can be provided by a local authority to people who are eligible for support. These payments allow the recipient to take control over the care that they are provided with by selecting and employing directly those who will provide it. People receiving Direct Payments can change their mind at any time or request a review if they feel their needs have changed.

Direct Payments are made in cash either directly to the person claiming the support or to a representative of their choosing.

Once someone has been assessed as needing support, direct payments can be used to employ personal assistants or home carers as well as services from home care agencies or other organisation that provide the kind of support you need.

It is important to note that those identified as needing support can only employ people living in the same house as them in exceptional circumstances.

Anyone receiving this benefit has the choice of managing the payment of their employees themselves or asking a company such as dhdirectpayments to arrange it on their behalf. If, as the new employer, you would like to manage payments yourself please consider:

  • You will have to register with the HM Revenue and Customs as a new employer if you do not already employ people
  • You are likely to need to calculate and make tax and NI contributions on behalf of your staff
  • You may also have to make additional contributions to staff NI costs
  • You will need to provide payslips to your employees

dhdirectpayments can take care of all your payroll needs and we’d be pleased to talk to you about any of the concerns that you might have about employing your own staff.

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